Michigan Child Support Q&A

Here is a quick Q&A about some common questions that we frequently get asked regarding child support.

Q: How is child support calculated in Michigan?

A: There is a strict formula that most circuit courts in Michigan will use to determine what child support should be. Many different factors go into this calculation. Some of the factors are, the parties’ gross wages, the amount of overnights the parties have with the minor children per year, which party pays for the children’s healthcare, and even if either party has a second family that they support. These are just a few of the factors that the formula takes into consideration. As a general rule, courts will abide by the numbers that the formula produces. However, you can deviate from the numbers in certain circumstances with your Judge’s permission.

Q: Where can I make a child support payment if they are not taking money out of my paycheck or if I am in arrears?

A: You can make child support payments online here through the Michigan State Disbursement Unit. Or, you may be able to contact your county’s Friend of the Court and make payments directly to them.

Q: How can I see how much child support I have paid or how much I still owe?

A: You can create at account here at the MiCase website to view all payments made in your particular case and how much is currently owing. Again, you can always contact your county’s Friend of the Court to get a print out in person if they allow.

In any event, I highly suggest utilizing the above mentioned websites if you pay any type of support in Michigan. They are tools that help you easily keep track of payments and how much is owed if you are behind.

If you need child support changed in any way or if you have any questions please contact our office at (734) 285-5625.