Calculate Your Own Child Support

MiChildSupport Calculator

Are you wondering what your child support could be? The Michigan child support website, known as “MiChildSupport”, now has an online program to calculate your own child support. You can use program by clicking here. It could take you up to 45 minutes to get through the program and you will need information regarding both parents to get accurate results.

Program Accuracy

Do not be surprised if your actual child support numbers are different from what the program shows. The numbers that you get from the MiChildSupport website are estimates and the Michigan Child Support Formula is very complex. Therefore, your actual child support could be higher or lower depending on multiple variances in your case.

MiChildSupport Account

The MiChildSupport website is also a great source of information if you are already receiving or paying child support. You can create an account and view up-to-date information regarding your child support account. You can also make payments online, apply for support, and learn about child support in Michigan.

Our Services

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the Michigan Child Support formula and all other complex issues surrounding family law cases. The Wayne County Friend of the Court can seem like a very overwhelming place, however, we can help. We handle all stages of child support and family law cases so that you do not have to navigate the Friend of the Court on your own.

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